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tv   [untitled]    January 5, 2012 7:31pm-8:01pm EST

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download the official location on the phone called touch from the choose ops to. life on the go. video on demand. world comes an r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the dot com.
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the emission free cretaceous three rooms four chargers free arrangements free. three stooges free. download free blog loaded video for your media projects a free medio dog to our teeth on tom. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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and the immigration goes down in the senate that is the subject of the seedings talking points memo critics of arizona's newly signed immigration bill say it allows police to stop anyone on the street based purely on the person's appearance governor brewer's response when asked by a reporter what illegal immigrant looks like. i do not know i do not know what legal immigrant that's like but the sticking point is what to do with the millions of people who are in this country in this country illegally that the u.s. government will have no idea who they are and where they are in this very dangerous time that is a very dangerous thing yes we. ran from an other country to another country when i ran around and around the america of the big. one but the people in mexico that need help oh yeah i call those people my lazy family they didn't want to come on the trip. was to help them
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yes every year i send them a map. i wrote the bill the that the president signed in october that takes the san diego fancy eight hundred fifty four miles across arizona new mexico and texas and it's mandatory. for you but it's not for the variability years five. years that your view of this is their. lives and legally blind legally.
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it understanding now in all of these holy books where profits go off into the desert and somehow the isolation brings into a spiritual revelation. started a little ways back say towards the end of last summer it started i am me out here because i was just so into this place you know i know all the animals here it's really bizarre you just become part of it. came out here a very hard person very conservative things from my youth started coming up things
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about spirit about a danity with the earth and looking at people in different situations. i had to go to mexico oddly enough to go to a dentist if that a funny i'm outsourcing myself. was there i noticed how much poppy was in the town and it's a fairly decent town. that's when i started noticing the look in the migrants face i mean there is poor design capital and you know they're at the bottom of their world basically i have to work almost every day i'm at the bottom of my world. i'm a analog man in the digital world.
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going back into the area we're going back into and pretty much got to make sure your. we go elsewhere they're going to. march into drug dealers or anything like that there's a lot of rattlesnakes back there. and they tend to get them to finally you know nobody you have orders you know if you get a shark and when you. talk about this noise. bothers people. already and we're on our way to. the best highway that leads to america i grew up in the sixty's i participated in a lot of the marches that were back then i was a young kid i was fifteen years old ran away with the hippies. all of this started
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we stimulated and it's unfortunate because like i say i know how much they have to deal with over the years and it's nonsense but on the other hand it's polluting my society and we're starting to get like that over there. is here is one of the major trails into the united states so. you can see how well walk this is. like a trail in a park in central park. place you can down here when they come in coyotes use these things for the markets so when he's coming in he sees the reflection of the light of this the rest of the can is black he takes his people past. flips the can around when he's making his return the moonlight lights up his little silver bottom. and he and he's out.
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there are four of us. we are from when we come from the same area we're all friends. if catches us and throws us back. we'll go back together the four of us. we have to look for other ways to earn money we have to work outside the area we live to find a bit of money. in mexico we get paid one hundred pesos per day for nine months that's about seven u.s. dollars but now one hundred pesos
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a day isn't enough food costs about fifty pesos over there for example what we just did here cost fifty pesos before tax we are in a day is only enough to eat twice a day and then the money is gone down when you're the son of the son and go for one two or three years to work make a little money buy stuff for. us build a house in our hometown of chicago see the only small house where we can live. to be and those are the ones that think there is and use their heads please pass them on those that don't use their heads come back the same. without any money. water bottles. so it's good.
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mexican id. then we both know and i religious when you know not only what they do if they're going to lose these id cards they melt a picture because if i when i give this to the border patrol you know you're in this country illegally. and. you're going to be looking for you. i wonder if this is your necklace as well. so a picture from maybe just sixty's you know. what a mustache. lady of guadalupe which just happens to be the treaty that we've got up there on the border. well i'll do is i'll take these turn these into border patrol and you know she's got any wants warrants or anything like that will know that as well. as a lot of criminals come to you too and. that's one of biggest problems we've got. to start getting that stopped. so we're on the main trail right here but you can
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notice that there's trails coming in other places this right he had his trail it's leading up like this it doesn't look like much but they will follow it it leads to that white panel up in the distance that's where the border mocker is it's like an up less like you know washington monument to put their backs against it and it kind of walk up the wall and all the trails that come up in the canyon they're all going to join us up in here and you're going to see did this is pretty much. the central figure and coming into camp which self twenty eight it was overlooked by early a minuteman but. i'm the kind of guy who doesn't mind getting his pants dirty so i come out here you know. we are going. out with. that can you take my bike please.
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i'm going to take more people yes are you going to take this truck or about one yeah how here in half there yes where you're guys yeah we're here oh you're old here. yes. so what are we waiting for. we want to. thank. you. for. not this truck about one. thing because. that's low i think on the show was.
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well if we get through it's a good. lesson in if it doesn't go well and we don't make it over well we'll try again you know if not then. there's no other solution. then we can only wait for god. what. can i do so we can free our power and let us pass. obviously days. some tracks up here. looks like somebody had walked up behind us and. we're going to look at them in case we have to call them into border
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patrol. ok so what we got here you see just round the front that means that they were in a border it's a piece of fabric they were up around issues so they don't leave an exact printed issue you'll get rid of it by the time they get up to the good ninety four and he's run back pretty much. and this. yeah i'm a good guess this is like a kid's play toy so maybe they were carrying the kid with them and you could drop that they musta been in kind of a panic because they musta seen the headlights coming back down on him like tends to get it. but it didn't mark these food footprints of mine so that people know who was here so we'll put him in m. and m.
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the border patrol sees it they know minutemen were here during no real sense of calling in and because we don't know which way he had it he could have gone that way and that way or both so there's somewhere around this right now but i don't have my night vision with us otherwise we will go out and visit them. i am i have come to a quick. call . to. the country.
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ok. yeah right.
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here he'd have. to keep my hero martin if you're up if you want to go right back to your. room to the. very peak come. see you know you did it you got to you've got to be kidding me. i'm. gonna leave you came here to protest you don't believe in the stands with too many of us not only that you know the tiny groups he's very divisive and we like to call him the father of eight but he didn't just hate ads promoting division in doing voiceovers and scaring people some of the tactics that are used today that have happened. how you get stuff oh so pretty that. got it right here. hell you can't stop us was
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that why you're out here the us government built a wall between the united states and mexico we were totally opposed to that so what happened was as of december of an october of one thousand nine hundred eighty four almost seventy percent of dying crossing the desert well before it was very rare to have somebody dying maybe one or two people a month also you start having one or two people a day digressing a desert. so what happened was we said we've got to do something about this. you want to thank all of you for joining us i'm enrique morones i know that we have some money people that are right here for the for the first time i'm glad that you're all out here so the first thing that we do not have the maybe some funds or whatever is going to flip the rock up and it's kind of move it out quickly because if you saw the same thing with this thing. and then. you know we make noise for the prosecutors to be scattered around. this well that's pretty good and. one has a whole case in the gallows look at that thing they don't need to be refurbished
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however dozens of extra water if you have a lot of it we have a lot of water with us so maybe somebody can go in grab a couple of gallons just be a couple of gallons. of the migrants when they're crossing they don't know if this is they just see it in their extracted to it's one of the things that we've been doing one of the times when i was on the today show actually the guy said you should get some solar little lights and we do have on some night out here and in other areas because they're crossing at night that would exceed late at night and they're attracted to it. and we've asked the border patrol not to do is to drive around in a group and drag the tires or whatever no i think if you just want prisoners what they'll do is they'll drag around here and if they see footprints then they know somebody around here we don't do that because we want the biker that needs the
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water to get the water we want to dial and you don't want to get out here you.
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know while. max was that johnny lies to me gentlemen i'm not over naco arizona what you congratulations has gone brother have been up here in about six weeks yeah they've been in civilization you know all their jumping over there come and. oh look i want to get to england and back you build a new bathroom. strip out this trailer he's for storage so we can try to clean up the action for everything in the trailer make it look tidy he. still operating over still on. the border yes the done here for you and. so all. oh yeah there was a fun year last week. oh actually there's two things and a lot of anyone got it they go do you guys have been supplying me pre-light is for the longest time ok well i asked the drummer if that's the left is to brush up or
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you says no it's not to brush so i look at the whole picture it's not just a tooth brush we have a rock on the well we have a lot on the right so we want the point in the scene to watch where is it going it's boring for more go to the usa they can climb up that mount go right over the fence make a beeline and go like highway ninety four. these kind of people like fight this fight for because. they bought land down here sort of they could live comfortable have a nice ranch not have to worry about things. by themselves a nice piece of the property and they wind up having to put up with all of this get it eight foot gate get all these dogs live every night defensively that's not the way it should be in america.
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has gone joe you said you could see here you know a little but here yeah they're coming over the fence by the hundreds every night at i watch them sometimes i'll sit out and you can with my binoculars and i can sit i can watch and come over and you call border patrol and you know i watch them they run run down my property i watch them run down the side one time they had a small child with them and they were dragging that smart that child trying to get away trying to hide they saw me and i saw them and they knew it and they were that poor little kid i felt so sorry for and they left him. they left one yeah they left one letter and another one and come back just it was in the news today it wasn't really of year old kid they left here for eight days how many times would you say that come across your property and it's got to be almost every night it's like even
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if it is almost every night they come by here they're coming this road or behind us on this other side and when they come through here they're moving they're still close to the border the border is right there so they're still running so the dogs alerted us. and the dogs do have a chop and a service and that's their service such what we have we love our dogs but they also perform and shop. right you could copy one of the correlation between the red pickup truck we saw there this morning i wonder if there's any connection copy.
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she did original concept of the minutemen project man we're just going to bunch of old farts this gentleman right here he was with us in arizona back in zero five when it oh i started and i hear what is are we still protecting the border for some sort of more of a troll how many of us are there why six total us and that's of the original concept everybody else is out of you know donald's parking lots are both senators are chasing legislation to stop employers know and you got it all wrong got to close the border we've got to seal the border. that will solve the problem coming down here and sitting on this line day in and day out day in and day out night and day do the weather hot cold stop beating the cockroaches from coming over the wire is protecting the country. in two
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thousand and five it was the statements of popping up all the been in a bit of a half dozen people and all they do is they hang out at their temple they go they start taking credit for all these detentions but they figure that they have been a total failure. because when they really do detain somebody when they turn somebody over to the border patrol it will be just past the border patrol has to give that report to the mexican consulate they have to do that it's along an international agreement and they need to know how they are caught so if it was the minimum that didn't make the minimum point to some people out that's in the report . in the more than two years that the minimum amount and there's been less than one hundred people that have been stopped because of the minutemen.
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that's going to be. welcome to. science technology innovation all the least of melanin still around russia we've got this huge you're covered.
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please. more news today volunteers once again fled up the first thing these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are on the day. this is. going to take three storage. arrangements three. three. two three.
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modes three blown live video for your media project free media. dot com. so yes our military will be the leader but the world must know. the united states is going to maintain our military superiority. tabbing a lean mean fighting machine president obama promises to pull the bloated military budget on a diet and yet one military branch is building the most expensive weapon yet i guess they didn't get the memo. and thousands of u.s. troops are heading to israel for a so-called training exercises but is this just an attempt by the pentagon to place more troops in the region and is it a sign that war with iran is a minute. not about one go.

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